"The revolution will be televised."

The Ouya is a console running Android and built with smartphone-type hardware (Nvidia Tegra 3 SoC). It is famous for being the first game console financed by Kickstarter.

It made big promises, but did not deliver on all of them, which has caused fights breaking out between the hopeful and the hateful. The initial release had a problem with input lag (patched) made worse by sticking buttons (requires some hardware modding to fix). Framerates can drop to 15fps on games built for more recent Android platforms instead of the specs developers were given two years ago. Wi-fi is spotty. It's High-def only and will not work on any non-HD screen or projector without a converter box from 2010 or later. The launch was a mess with many backers not getting their pre-release consoles as promised.

And yet... the dreamers will point out that, with porting from Android being dead easy, the app store had over a hundred games at launch, and has since amassed a few hundred more. If those are not enough, emulators for several classic systems are available right away (it handles up to N64 and PS1 acceptably). If even that is not enough, most of the regular Android library can be installed, and rooting the device will not void warranty like so many other handhelds. This makes it an interesting platform for hacking, even if it falls short as a pure game console. It also works great with Xbox360 controllers for those who don't feel like modding.

If you start an Ouya thread, expect a shitstorm -- not just from the usual haters but also from the ex-believers.

The listEdit

This list is for Ouya-native games, not for what can be brought in via emulators or "sideloading" Android games.

Box Art Title Genre Description
150px Another World Action-adventure An Amiga classic, one of the hardcorest games ever, with improved graphics and extra modes. An accident during an experiment sends a scientist to an alien world where everything is out to kill him.
150px Beast Boxing Turbo Fighting Like a modern Punch-Out!! with monsters.
150px ChronoBlade Beat 'em up A very flashy brawler with RPG elements, by the designer of Diablo 2.
150px Final Fantasy III RPG Confirmed as a launch title, Square-Enix is bringing a port of the DS version to the Ouya. If you've played it on the DS, you know what to expect. If not, well, here you go. This is the first official home console release of FF3 in the Western hemisphere.

Note: do not mistake this for FF3 for the SNES, which is actually FF6.

150px Flashout 3D Racing It's the generic Wipeout.
150px Fur Fighters Third person shooter A rather obscure Dreamcast/PS2 gem. If you missed out before, be sure to get it this time.
150px Giana Sisters Platformer If you like old-school Amiga-style platformers... well, you must already have played this on the DS, OSX, iOS, or Android. But whatever, play it again because it's just great.

Note: do not mistake this for the more recent and also excellent Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams.

150px Order & Chaos Online MMORPG Gameloft's generic WoW. Free to play.
150px Pier Solar HD RPG Reached its Kickstarter goal and is under development for Ouya. An indie (but extremely polished) RPG originally released for Sega Mega Drive/Genesis as late as in 2010, now being made available for a number of more recent platforms, Ouya included.
150px Ravensword: Shadowlands Action-RPG The generic Elder Scrolls. Very impressive graphics (by mobile standards).
150px Saturday Morning RPG RPG An old school turn-based RPG inspired by the 1980s cartoons. Music by the one and only Vince "Transformers" DiCola!
150px Shadowgun TPS A very good third person shooter.
150px Sine Mora Shmup Old school shooter with some real neat time manipulation mechanics, great modern graphics, and furry characters a la StarFox.
150px Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Platformer Both episodes are confirmed, as well as Sonic CD.
150px Vendetta Online MMORPG A 3D space simulator / online multiplayer RPG. Great graphics.

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