Ok, so right about now I decided to make a game collection article on this wiki. Why? Because I just feel like doing it. MFGreth's was pretty interesting, so why not mine? Altogether, I seem to have about 19-20 systems as it seems, but I still need more because I'm a collectiove whorebag. For the most part, it's getting completed by muah, and I a missing some titles. Day by day...

Play Station 3 (PS3)Edit

150px Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns Of The Patriots Very Stealthy and actiony and somehow espionage like. It was my very first PS3 game a while back and to be honest it isn't my favorite metal gear, but still a great fucking game. Still sad no trophies.
150px inFamous Platformer/Action "Huur durr they copied [Prototype]!" Fuck you its an awesome game featuring the electric man and whatnot. By the cool guys who made the sly trilogy so you know its a good game.
150px BioShock FPS Would you kindly pick up this game if you havent already? It's an amazing fucking gem of a game. The 2nd one didn't do it for me as much as this one did, which is a shame.
Demon's Souls RPG/Asshole game This game is hard, but rewards you with a great experience and fun story. /v/ sucks this game's cock practically so if it's got a whole community talking, what does that make you think about it?
150px Fallout 3 WRPG/Glitchy as fuck Fuck what i said before, ok not entirely but srsly that was a short ass main quest. I can see why /v/ hates this game, but i can also see why they like it, it's got depth and coolness, and fawkes, the best partner ever. But it has charm and a fuckton of stuff to do sidestory wise so its forgiven. The ending was depressing as well. depressingly stupid. sorry, but thats my opinion :( .
150px Resdent Evil 5

ACTION Not Survival Horror it's action people.

Honestly not the best RE game ever, for me it would be the 4th on the wii. But try this baby out anyway, it's kinda cool too. FUCKING GETTING RESIDENT EVIL 4 HD MOFO'S!
150px Assassin's Creed II Being a badassassin Pretty good game ubrosoft, well played indeed. Brotherhood has a better multiplayer, but this one is better for my own sake. But this is still a great game too.
150px Call Of Duty: World At War FPS/ZOMBIES, ZOMBIES EVERYWHERE In my opinion it's my least favorite. It didn't suck ass cocks, but it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be for a WWII Shoota. Oh well, at least theres Nazi Zombies!
Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 FPS/RAMIREZ! JUST SWITCH TO YOUR OTHER WEAPON ITS FASTER THAN RELOADING! Call of Booty: Modern Whorefare 2 isn't as good as the first well you guys know that by now. Story was okay, the multiplayer was actually kind of fun to play and I like it overall, don't love it but ts decent for a FPS.
150px Ratchet and Clank Future: A Crack In Time Platformer/TPS Not my favorite game in the series, but still great. Found it EXTREMELY easy for a ratchet game and it felt just different. It honestly disappointed me but what it lacked in longevity, difficulty, and content, it made up for with boss weapons, gameplay and humor. MR. ZURKON IS GOING TO FUCK YOUR SHIT UP ROYALLY!
150px Sonic's Ulttimate Genesis Collection God Tier Collection If it weren't for this having no online multiplayer There would be no reason to pay for genesis classics off of psn. It's got streets of rage twooooooo.
150px Call Of Duty: Black Ops FPS/Elmo's number adventure with guns. 50 USD USED I payed that much for this. Worth it in my opinion to be honest. I think it's the best Cod besides 4. Mainly because it has a lot to offer and fun multiplatyer even with the fucking kids. Got both map packs FREE through game sharing. As if I'd pay 30 USD for 2 fucking map packs. Yeah, 30 USD would go to Castle Crashers and MvC2.
Blazblue: Continuum Shift 2D Fighting This was surprisingly cheap used. 15 Bucks?! Shut up and take my money! This game has a great community along with great characters and story. Go on get it so I can kick your ass with Carl/Arakune. Not really but in all seriousness if you like fighters, why the fuck not, am I right?
Super Street Fighter IV 3D Fighting? Great Street Fighter entry. Pretty much what EVERY fighting enthusiast on /v/ plays. DELICIOUS JURI FOOTJOB MASTERRACE.
The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion CRIMINAL SCCUM OUT OF FUCKING NOWHERE BRO Got this for free after my friend got shivering isles which- you guys know about the swap trick rite? Anyway, awesome game, very good, A.I. is poopy sadness, though, funny, but bad. SKYRIM'S GONNA RAPE.
150px Brink THERE TAKING A HEALTH COMMAND POST! Meh-ish game which my friend gave up to me for free. It's not that fun, and I just gave up on the shit.
150px BioShock 2 FPS/Awesome simulator Good sequel with fucktacular multiplayer. If you hate all other fps multiplayers and haven't tried this, then there ya go.
150px Enslaved: Oddysse to the west 3D Platformer/Escort Good game and very cheap too. Escort element feels kinda annoying, but here it works. Made by the unreal engine. Yeah I wonder how that works for a platformer.
150px Fallout: New Vegas WRPG Yuri Lowenthal voices nearly every male character - the game.
Mortal Kombat VS DC Universe Fighting Not the best MK this side of outworld, but fun as hell once you get into it.
150px Killzone 2 FPS An ok and fun game that is worth a try. Graphics are very nice and altogether a cool game.
150px Sonic Unleashed GOTTA GO FAST, THEN NOT SO FAST. An ok version compared to the PS2/Wii one but I still like the PS2/Wii version too.
The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles Expansion set Now that I obtained this thing, I got a full GOTYE Oblivion on my PS3. Which is pretty fuckin' neato.
150px Portal 2 Holes, Nigga Real good Valve game that is getting cheaper by the minute and has oodles of fun.
Ultimate Marvel V.S. Capcom 3 Pringles and fightan A real good follow up for $40 dollars. Although I like the 2nd a ton better, this one is a nice game in it's own right as well.
150px Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 Shit Its pretty bad. Got this for free from a friend. The music is really the only good thing about it. Worst physics in a sonic game ever.
Battlefield: Bad Company 2 FPS Better-then-COD game. A great FPS with a whole lotta fun in it. Buy this if you like war shootan.
150px Dead Rising 2 BEING A BADASS Chuck Greene is a badass who kils zombies with potted plants and shit. Try this shit out.
150px Little Big Planet Awesomeformer Probably THE best platformer on PS3. No....LBP2 is THE best hands down into Chinatown.
150px Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones HD Platformer/Stealthy like a bitch Great remix of POP:TTT. Worth the game share.
Blacklight: Tango Down FPS Basically what ppl played after mw2 became boring to them.
Dead Nation DEM ZOMBEES MAN DEM ZOMBEES Overhead zombie game is awesome. get it if u still got dem free psn downloads left.
150px Wipeout HD/Fury FUCKING BRITISH F-ZERO!!!! Read above on free dlc. Great racer. Takes practice though.
MGS 4 Database Cutscene Encyclopedia <- Right on the money. FOREVER FREE DLC.
150px Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World: THE GAME River City Ransom: Hipster Edition Great game, recommended for even non-fans. Y U NO ONLINE UBISOFT?
Skullgirls 2D Fighting A cool 2D Fighter that's worth your dineros.
Noby Noby Boy Just neat It''s a fucking game okay.
150px MediEvil 3D Platformer Ps one game I bought for 6 bucks, got it for nostalgia from the Medievil Demo Disc I had, good times...

Playstation 2 (PS2)Edit

Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Platforming Very light hearted type of platformer unlike every fucking other entry in the series. Good game to start with but very short to be honest.
Jak II Platforming More darker of an entry in the series than the 1st, and surprisingly it was the best. Great story, new awesome characters, and the humor is still some of the best ever.
Jak 3 Platforming They seriously dont like daxter being in the title anymore do they? Great game but II is still my forever love of the series. MINI NUKES ON MY PEACEMAKER? FUCK YEAR!
Jak X: Combat Racing Racing/Making you wish you had 2 memory cards. This game has a big issue with it corrupting its own save file I personally thought it was the disc itself so I traded it in for a new copy. What I realized is the non gh version of the game is famous for corruption issues for your memory card and soforth I cannot complete this awesome game right now. WHY NAUGHTY DOG,WHYYYYYYY?
Ratchet and Clank TPS/Platformer VERY GOOD platformer from yo peeps at insomniwack i kid i kid great fucking followup after losing spyro. Awesome weapons and humor, very lengthy, this one is.
Ratchet and Clank: Going Commando TPS/Platformer Whats that? You think UYA is better? KILL YOURSELF. Going Commando is boss. Lengthy, challenging, new galaxy, classic r&c action that is hardly surpassable. This will always be the best in my opinion.
Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal TPS/Platformer Ok,ok, it's a reasonably awesome game too. It isn't as good as the last because of how easy and short it was. Add the fact that it reused the same galaxy again. But awesome new villain Dr.Nefarious and great arsenal with a better nanotech system. UYA is such a great fucking followup.
Ratchet Deadlocked TPS/Mission based Not the best one but still great for its genre.
Sly Cooper and the thievius Raccoonus Platformer/Stealthy Best sly out of all. HATERS GONNA HATE. Pure platforming unlike what I thought the sequels would be. But still they're all great fucking games.
Sly 2: Band of Thieves Missionformer/Stealthy shit The worst of them all imo. Has a shit load of cheats to skip to the end. I did that because im an asshole. But I still played the shit outta this game.
Sly 3: Honor Among Thieves Missionformer in 3D!!!!!!/Stealthy as fuck 2nd best. Fixed sly 2's problems and made me love it. Hard at some times, but worth the rage. Sly 4 is gonna flip some shit.
Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec Racing/No its Spec, not spick you racist fuck. REEEEAL RAYCYANNNNN 3 Pretty good racer title, I mean, it's fucking gran turismo.
GTA:III Mission based/FUN sim Great GTA game but in my opinion San Andreas is still forever greater.
GTA: Vice City Mission based/FUN sim Awesome game awesome 1980's type of game. Vercetti is a great protagonist with Ray Liotta to spice things up as his VA.
Sega Genesis Collection ROMS ON A DISC Pretty good, I'd recommend it a lot if you don't have a PS3/360 for the sonics ultimate collection.
Sonic Riders Sonic on a board Ok racing entry for sega. Borrowed this on GC before and liked it. Still want the gc version because idk just an insane sonic fan here. Not balls to the walls insane though.
Sonic Unleashed Fun until WEEEERRREEHOGGG Good game but this is the worst version, PS3 version is better.
Virtua Fighter 4: Evolution GOH IS A BOSS Awesome fighting game, I actually like VF 10th more for some reason but hey ya gotta admit its boss.
Klonoa 2: Lunateas Viel SO FUCKING ADORABLE Great 2.5 d'r by NYAMCO never played DIF, but it seems essential to play, no?
Namco Classic Fighting Collection 20 BUCKS, 3 GAMES, CHECK EM'

It has 3 count em 3 fucking awesome games:




MGS Essential Collection Read above

It has:




(Sadly only the 1st disc for MGS 3 included.)

Shin Megami Tesei: Persona 3 FES BABYBABYBABYBABYBABY Really good JRPG containing themes of cults, grindan, hot chicks, weeaboos, and suicide. A mixed bag if any.
Final Fantasy X AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Great JRPG. includes about 50 sometin memes. Got if for X dollars. (PROTIP: X MEANS 10)
Final Fantasy VII: Dirge Of Cerberus Is that an F/TPS??? Bad game is bad, looked good to me because HERP FFVII SOOOO GEEEWWD. but otherwise....
Kingdom Hearts Greatness/Action RPG FTW

One of my sole reasons for a PS2. Reall amazing game with great story and exploration. Fangirls ruin square games for like, EVERY FUCKING ONE.

Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain Of Memories CARDS MAYN GOTTA PLAY DEM CARDS Fucking cards, shit is so cash.
Kigndom Hearts II Darkness, rpg action more or less the same. Good sequel, no scratch that GREAT SEQUEL some parts bad, some parts good. I can go either way on this one, folks.
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Fighting game that keeps itsef well after all these years. Kinda bad because of how they made it, but decent nonetheless. The specials are hit and miss for the awesomefactor.
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja 2 Better than the 1st. Likeable, but the storm series has my fancy.
Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles Mission based. Mission based naruto game that can get DIFFICULT at times. Very fun to be honest and likeable as well.
Naruto: Uzumaki Chronicles 2 Still mission based as ever. Graphics now in cel shading for some reason..? Good game with more stuff to do this time around.
Super DragonBall Z 2D FIGHTING! Got dbz games but in 2D. Got chi-chi too who actually plays good!
DragonBall Z Tenkaichi OPEEEENNN WUURRRLLLDDD Good, good. You are a candidate for favorite son.
DragonBall Z Tenkaichi 2 Better than da 1suto Bettar prob the best tenkaichi one 4 me.
InuYasha: Feudal Combat SOUL REAVER MOLE STEALER Good game to be honest. Ban Dai knows their shit when making games.
InuYasha: Secret Of The Cursed Mask ARRRRRRPEEEEGEEEEE RPG....yup, it's that alright.
Resident Evil: Code Veronica X Fucking metal detector Good game but classic RE's are a major buthurt for me to be honest.
Resident Evil 4 AWESOME FUCKING STUFF WHY CANT YOU BE LIKE YOUR WII BROTHER?! GET OUT OF MY FACE! still good on PS2 though. Not the best version, but recommended if you don't have a wii.
Devil May Cry 2 TWICE DA CRAYYYZZAAAYYYY I liked it, why does /v/ hate this game?
Onimusha: Warlords Resamurai Good game, just havent played it in a while was $1.99 USD at gamestop used!
Onimusha 2: Samurai's Destiny Resamurai 2 Like the 1st but with some more cool stuff.
Yu Yu Hakasho: Dark Tournament SPIRIT GUN! Bad yu yu game, bad!
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 More liek BRO skater, am I rite? Best tony hawk. DEAL WITH IT.
Dance Dance Revolution X Danceanan wanted to get ddr for some time, so I got this. Pretty good. DDR games dont get as much love as they should around here.
Guitar Hero III WACKTIVISION Ok game its good on its own. Sad to see the series die off, but sometimes things need to end ya know?
Guitar Hero: Areosmith YEEEEAHHHHHH! WACKTIVISIOANNN Got this for 5 dollars new! 5 FUCKING DOLLARS.
Avatar The Last Airbender Shovelware Its ok got it for 5 bucks at a yard sale.
Avatar The Last Airbender: The Burning Earth More Shovleware. It's ok as well. Fan of the show.
Star Wars Jedi Starfighter Starfighting Not that good just shovelware.
Shamus deep sea adventures FUCK THIS SHIT GOT IT FOR FREE FUCK IT ALL.
Ty The Tasmanian Tiger Plotformanan Pretty good actually.
Ed Edd n Eddy The Mis-Ed Ventures Platformer sonic heroes esque Got this for free too. Actually playable and fun for a bit. The show was always great and funny as fuck.
Lego Star Wars II: The Video Game Legos Nigga Good game for a platformer. Bro-op is masterrace.

PlayStation 1 (PS1)Edit

MediEvil Sir dan muthafucka On meh ps3, but can also be played on psp, not THAT is some smart thinkan.
Spyro The dragon SEX IN VIDEO GAME FORM Probably THE greatest PS1 game for me.
Spyro: The Year Of The Dragon FRIEEEENDDDSSS! Great end to the Insomniac Spyro era to be honest. If only they stil mad Spyro games.
Crash Bandicoot BANDICOOTANAN Good ol' crash with great platforming.
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back More awesome platforming Great game in the crash series. Helped the series get itself stable.
Crash Bandicoot: WARPED Great platformer Amazing game. Personally my favorite crash game.
CTR: Crash Team Racing Best...Racer...EVER! 'tis true cap'n. Also used the GT sound bites because it tried to be funny. Which is kinda funny really.
Crash Bash NOT MADE BY NAUGHTY DOG Great party game, but not that good because its different in o so many ways.
Gran Turismo Realism nigga Great racer. The GT games have ALWYAS been great.
Gran Turismo 2 DOS REALISM Now with more shit to do. Sound bites still kick ass.
NHL 98 DERP EA SPUURTS EA SPORTS hockey game its bad man.
Wild 9 WEXELLENT! Yes I got this gem. Its a great fucking game. Take Klonoas platforming, man it the fuck up, throw in earthworm jim's writers, and you get this.
Brave Fencer Musashi USE LUMINA YOU DENSE FUCKER! Great game by Square......SOFT involves samurai asskickery and adventuring.
Tekken THREEE DEEE FIGHTAN!!! Hurr, thats what it it.
Tekken 3 Best 3d fighter for ps1 hands down Tekken 3 is where its at bro, Its got all of what you want in a fighter.
Street Fighter Alpha 2D Fightan goodmess Street fighter w/ new ppl and even more annoying sound bites!
Mega Man 8 DR WAHWEE Voice acting makes you wonder "what did i do to deserve this shit?" Great game overall.
Mega Man X4 WHAT AM I FIGHTING FOR???!!!!! My favorite X series game. Its hard, but not horribad hard.
Mega Man Legends FUCKING TEASEL This game is boss as fuck. Alpha Omega Super Saiyan SSSJJJJJJ9001. All of my money for MML3, IF IT EVER FUCKING GETS DEVELOPED IN MY LIFETIME! CAPCOM, GO FUCK YOURSELF.
Namco Museum Vol.3 Dat soundtrack Namco museum games are fucking great especially on PS1. THIS is the version you want.
Oddworld: Abe's Oddyssee 2D Brain teaser! Kinda like lemmings, but this is universes harder.
Croc: Legend Of The Gobbos WALKANAN LIKE A TANK NIGGA One of THE greatest games ever for the PS1. You gotta admit bro.
Croc 2 Controls got fixed nigga Not as good as the 1st, but I'll allow it.
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories TROLL OF A GAME <- TAKE MY WORD FOR IT!
Digimon Rumble Arena Surprisingly fun as fuck! Great smash bros rip off to be honest.
Ape Escape. FUCKIN APES Best Ape Escape ever. 2&3 CANNOT COMPARE!
Frogger 3D FROGS My 1st PS1 game to be honest. it was a wonderful time playing this shit. YU NO HAVE IT IN LIST?! Made by the same ppl as Glover so you know its god.
Frogger 2: Swampy's Revenge 3D FROGS Not as good as the 1st TBH. Fun, but not amazingly great.

Xbox 360 (XB360)Edit

150px Ninja Gaiden II Hack N Slash Awesome game made by probably the most manliest game developer ever TOMONOBU ITAGAKI god damn, thats a badass name. Tits n blood n extreeeeeeeeeeeme n shit evererywhere, goddamn.
Guitar Hero II Rhythm Glad to get the 360 version w the guitar for free honestly. Like every GH fun and campy until it starts fucking with your vision AFTER 1 SONG seriously, motion sicksness is too easy to contract playin that shit.
150px Mirrors's Edge HARDCORE PARKOUR Made by the lord jesus Dice, Mirror's Edge is awesome as fuck, just like the battlefield games. Highly recommended and very innovative because of its system of movement and art, fuck im sounding like a hipster now.
150px Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 I TOLD YOU ABOUT DEM NUKES I TOLD YA BRO Pretty good game despite what /v/ says about CoD, but that depends on if certain aspects bother you. Yes it is unbalanced, but jimmy crack corn and I don't care. Online on this version is obviously annoying because of Kids and whatnot, but in a month or so, they'll be MW3's problem so cheers!
Marvel Ultimate Alliance/Forza Motorsport 2 FUCK YEAR VARIETY! 2 great games for the price of none! Used to have a copy of ult alliance for 360 when I won it in a raffle but gave it ti mny friend for his bday now that I got this thing. Marvel Ult is bro as fuck, and forza 2 is pretty good too.
150px Halo 3 FPS Git this for 9 dollars on friday. Multiplayer is still good and singleplayer is great. Not a bad game at all. Forge is nice to add as well and the maps are cool too.
150px Perfect Dark Zero FPS 2 DOLLARS! THIS IS AT GS FOR 2 DOLLARS! NOW YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE TO GET THIS SHIT! But really, it's good despite what some people say, multiplay is still very much active as of last saturday when I checked it out, so thats good. Singleplayer is fine too and the graphics are impressive for a 360 launch game so kudos, Rare.
DarkSector TPS Ok game that's about some faggot getting mutant powers and cock.
Gears Of War TPS Rescue Heroes go and be beefy in this beefy, beefy game full of testosterone and yelling. Neat.
Aegis Wing SHMUP Its a 4-player game thats plays like....Border Down! In which it plays from your view of the ship from the side more than less the top of it. Its good, One of those arcade games I got it with my 360 from the guy who sold it to me. It's got 4 players as well so get this if you have some bros to play with too.
Halo Waypoint SCOREBOARD? Not a game, but why does it have achievements? Anywho, it's pretty good for score tracking and it's free. It's less than 100 MB's so yea, woo.
Xbox Magazine Sampler Disc Volume 121 Demos n Shit Got this with an issue of Xbox Magazine. Its got cool demos as well as ever game they reviewed so far and trailers as well as a meet the crew section. This disc comes with free downloadable Scott Pilgrim V.S. The World: The Game Gamer Pics, so I got something new.

Xbox (XB)Edit

150px Halo 2 FPS Some people say Halo 2 sucks donkey balls, I say they be trolling on a summers day in July. I thought it was an awesome game and playing as the arbiter was real fucking neato as well.
Dragon Ball Z Sagas Beat em up Got this for free and mainly because I wanted the only Xbox DBZ game. It sucks ass though.
150px Jet Set Radio Future/SEGA GT 2002 UNDERSTAND UNDERSTAND FUCK YEAR! One of THE best combo packs ever put together! Highly recommended you get the combo pack, for it is not as rare as it seems.
Fable YOUR HEALTH IS LOW DO YOU HAVE ANY POTIONS OR FOOD? Great WRPG by a bunch of euro devs, choice oriented gameplay, like most WRPG's of recent years.
150px Mechassault Robots n shit One of the best Xbox mech games out there and also very online heavy back in the day. Sadly, like all xbox titles, online is kaput, so Only the single player is playable now. SHITSUX
Namco Museum Collection Vey cool Namco comp, not that big of a colection, but it's got all dem arrangement games that were pretty sweet back in those old arcade days.
Dead Or Alive 3 BOUNCY BOOBY FIGHTAN Good entry in the series, awesome graphic for an oiginal Xbox launch game.
Dead Or Alive Xtreme Erotic sexshi Daisuke Desu! Basically fanservice the game. You play as the DOA girls who wear swinsuits and party party party around on Zack's private island. Minigames are actually quite solid. (For board jumping...)
The Sims Simmy n stuff ok game, not the best sims game by a long shot.
Counter Strike COUNTER TERRORISTS WIN. FUCK YEAH! Great FPS game by the fatman himself, Gabby Newell. No 4 player multiplayer? GAAAAAAAABE!
Doom 3 FPS Great FPS game that involves you beating satans peeps with a flashlight to death. I liked how the enemies are still satans buttfuckers in space instead of some fucking stupid aliens in space like other FPS's based in space.
Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance Stealthy mc stealth Great game for metal gear with a good story, good main character (LOL Bendy straws) and all together awesome game. Xbox version alows you to save your snapshots with the camera to the hard disk.
150px Black FPS It's Black. A good FPS worth my purchase I suppose.
150px Crazy Taxi 3: High Roller Racing It's got everything Crazy Taxi so thats awesome.
150px Oddworld:Munch'sOddyssee platformer Oddworld, but in TREEE DEEEEEE OOOOOOOOOOH!
Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dawn Of Destiny Cards A meh game. Haven't played it much, but I do love some Yu-Gli-Oh!

Nintendo Wii (Wii)Edit

Wii Sports Spurts Oh come on who doesnt have this shit? Anyway a good game evn if you hate it's fanbase of casuals.
150px MadWorld Being A Badass Great game by Platinum, who are making Rising, so that seems neat. Sequel in the making called Anarchy Reigns. Got this for 5 bucks, actually. At the time I was a poorfag with no money or Wii games, so this was a godssend.
150px Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition TPS/Awesomeness One of THE best games I have EVER played in my entre life. Really fun especially on the Wii with this one being it's best verison. Add GC graphics + PS2 extras = this.
150px TatsunokoV.S.Capcom 2.5 Fighting Good game at 40 Dabloons. Music is great and good character cast as always. Here's to hoping to a WiiU sequel! Also one of the few more played online Wii games.
150px Super Smash Bros. Brawl Fighting, I suppose Probably one of the best games on the fucking console. This is the game you and your friends always play together. And nintendo knows this too. Thats why they have in game snapshot at anytime. I recommend getting Brawl Plus or Minus if you like hacks.
Sonic and The Secret Rings GOTTA GO LINEAR Good game, but very annoying in the controls department. Altogether a good game, but needs some work. Music is good, like all sonic games.
Mario and Sonic at The Olympic Games Spurts Its whatever, not a game I would nominate everywhere for gold awards and shit.
Dance Dance Revolution: Hottest Party DAYNSAN' Not as good soundtrack wise as the classics. Good game in general, especially with good old dancy the dance mat.
The Conduit: Special Edition FPS W/WAGGLAN Good FPS for the Wii. All I gotta say.
150px Call Of Duty: Black Ops FPS Got this for 5 dollars from a friend. PS3 version is far superior.
150px Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Reflex Edition FPS Same as above, sadly.
Wii Fit FITNASS It's actually fun believe it or not, fuck you I'm not a casual.
Splinter Cell: Double Agent Stealth Got this free in a yardsale with a spiderman mask (don't ask).

Nintnedo Gamecube (NGC)Edit

150px Super Smash Bros. Melee WOMBO COMBOOOO!!!! OHLAWD THIS IS SMASH MELEE YOU DON'T EVEN. Seriously, a fun game and enjoyable for everyone.
150px Super Mario Sunshine SHINE GET! A great game if any, just not as good as 64 in my opinion. Hard and difficult for some, but a little challenge is well needed in gaming.
150px Paper Mario and The Thousand Year Door NJRPG Oh God THIS GAME. Sheeeeeet, do I even have to explain how awesome this game is?
Mario Party 7 PARTY TIME! PARTY TIME! Good game which is fun with the whole family and whanton.
Mario Superstar Baseball BASEBALLIN' A good sports game. Trolls the fuck out of you with no physics and other shit, I recommend it.
150px The Legend Of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures Quads, nigga It's Zeruda, but 4x the fun on your gamecube instead of your game boy advanced.
150px Metroid Prime FPS Great game for a great console.
Star Fox Adventures Adventure/Zelda-esque Very underlooked game that some consider shitty, but still a good game. Made by Rareware before they went to microsoft. Originally going to be a stand alone N64 game starring Krystal, but Miyamoto was all, Problem? And now Star Fox. It's overall like a zelda rip-off, but it's rare so it's hard as balls.
Star Fox Assault SHMUP/Pilotting/TPS Very ok Star Fox game that returns to it's roots as well as add some other shit. Music is as good as people say. Multiplayer is fun and as good as any other 4-player game. Story is like any other Star Fox as well.
F-Zero GX FUCKING METALLLL RACEANNNN Great racing game surprisingly made in a collab between by SEGA/Nintendo, which surprised the fuck out of me.
Kirby Air Ride 2-BUTTONS BITCH A racing game with DOS BUTONE'S. For some reason I suck at this and I have a hard time with this, which baffels me.
Animal Crossing WHY ARE THERE WEEDS EVERYWHERE?! A good game, but very tedious and time-consuming.
Poke'mon Colosseum POCKAMIN Catch baddddd pokemen. Purify them with the magic of love and shit.
Poke'mon XD: Gale Of Darkness XD?! XD?! MIND = BLOWN Fixed the fucton of problems and annoyances with the first one. Thank God.
150px Pikmin 2 Strategy Great fucking game that needlessly complicates every detail.
150px Sonic Mega Collection Collection Great game with the best of Sonic.
150px Sonic Adventure DX Adventure Sonic Adventure. But with more glitches, and better visuals, somehow. Also GG unlockables, which is real fucking neato. Also the cover art is pretty badass.
150px Sonic Heroes Teamwuuurk Good game in my opinion. Good music and stages.
150px Sonic Gems Collection Collection All those not-so-popular sonic games in one collection.
Shadow The Hedgehog EMO SHIT Shadow isn't that much of a bitch, but this game is kind of derpy and implies that stereotype. I found it ok, music was great. Still amazed that Powerman5000 did a track for them.

Nintendo 64 (N64)Edit

150px Poke'mon Stadium Gotta fight 'em all! A good game, but Stadium 2 is far Serperior.
150px Donkey Kong 64 Collectible-Fest Couldn't Play this for an assload of time. But now I can due to having thta Red Expansion Pack.
150px Star Fox 64 Flight Combat for Furry's/DO A BARREL ROLL Greates Star Fox game, period. Glad to see a 3DS remake of this gem. Want to get that a lot too.
150px Jet Force Gemini TPS/FPS Great game by awesome-turned-casual company, Rare. Controls are a little weird, but the game itself is great overall.
F-Zero X Racing YEEEEEAH MOTHHERRR FUCKKEERRRRR ITS F-ZEROOOOOOOOO! Bitchin ass game, you don't even.
150px Super Smash Bros. Fighting Nostalgia all over my screen. Great game, but compared to the later Smash games, very iffy.
150px Perfect Dark FPS Another great FPS, from the makes of Goldeneye 007, RareWare.
Supercross 2000 BIKES! Bike Racing game from EA. Not much amazement to it.
Scooby-Doo! Classic Creep Capers Platformer It's whatever, never got into playing this a lot.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES)Edit

150px Super Mario All-Stars Platformer Compilation Great game. The + Mario World version is superior and a must have compared to this, which isn't TOO hard to find, but more hard to find than this one.
150px Animaniacs Co-Op Platformer HardShit:TheGame. Basically all I need to say. This game was made by Konami, so basically it's as good as an old-school platformer gets.

Sega Dreamcast (DC)Edit

150px Sonic Adventure GOTTA GO FAST Seriously, whats cool about that pose? Ah, fuck it. Point is it's the game everyone with a dreamcast knows about. It's fun for it's wort even if you have DX.
150px Jet Grind Radio Inline skating IT'S JET SET RADIO DAMMIT!
150px Crazy Taxi Racing. If you can call it that. The other game everyone with a dreamcast knows about.
150px Crazy Taxi 2 More taxi's nigga New atmospheres and drivers and shit. Came out when the dreamcast was failing in america.
150px Test Drive 6 RACEANAN Test Drivanan.
150px Trickstyle AIRBOARDS It's Sonic Riders, but more realistic.
Dreamcast Fighting Collection Mega pack Best comp ever. Spheal with it.
150px Street Fighter Alpha 3 Saikyo Dojo 2D Fighting Pretty good port of Alpha 3, with online mode to boot.
150px Street Fighter III: Double Impact 2D Fighting 2 games in 1! Arcade perfect ports as usual, and an altogether must buy.
150px Capcom V.S. SNK PRO 2D Fighting Better version of CvS1 with Joe Higashi and DanMotherfuckingHibiki. Recommended because more characters and game mode, bro.
150px Marvel VS Capcom 2D Fighting Good port of the arcade game that is pretty fun, but doesn't hole a candle to 2, imo.


Plasma Sword 3D Fighting Sadly, not played a lot and often forgotten by many. It's good, just the production values are obviously low.
150px Jo Jo's Bizzare Adventure 3D Fighting


Fuck year this game, 2 in 1.

150px Spawn In The Demon's Hand 3D Arena Fighting SPAAAWN! A good Spawn game?! In my neighborhood?! FUCK YEAR.
150px Heavy Metal Geomatrix 3D Arena Fighting Based off of teh comic!...sort of.

PlayStation Portable (PSP)Edit

150px Daxter Platformer A platformer for PSP. And a good one to boot.
DragonBall Z: Shin Budokai
Prince of Persia: Rival Swords
150px Ape Escape: On the Loose
150px Dissidia: Final Fnatasy

Nintendo 3DS (N3DS)Edit

150px The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina of Time: 3D ADVENTURE!!!! Great remake of the badassery classic N64/GC romp around. Comes with new hint system, 3D graphical shit, and Mater Quest included! A MUST BUY.


3D Classics: Kirby's Adventure MOAR ADVENTURE!!! Koibee's Adventure, and in 3D, which is swell and all. Worth your money.
150px 3D Classics: Xevious SHMUP GRANDFATHER Got this from Club Nintendo, which is neat.
Zelda: Four Sowrds Anniversary TEAMWURK Same as the DSi version, just on 3DS. Still free, still awesome.
Puzzle League Express PUZZLING TO SAY THE LEAST Hreat game to piss away time even after you beat it.
Mario and Donkey Kong: Mini's March Again DK, DONKEY KONG Got this from club nitnendo as well. Very puzzle oriented.
150px Kirby's Dream Land KOIBEE Kirby's Dream Land, pretty short game. Short and Sweet though, short and sweet.

Nintendo DSLite/Nintendo DSi (NDSL) (NDSi)Edit

150px Poke'mon Diamond Version RPG A good Poke'mon game, but obviously Platinum is better.
Big Brain Academy Learn to function in real life you dense fuckhead. <- LOL Description. But it's just like most nintendo edutainment, fun and addictive. I recommend it.
150px Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Platformer A good zelda game.
MegaMan Battle Network 5: Double Team DS RPG YOURE THE GODDAMMNED MEGA MAN! But seriously, contains both BN5 Colonel, and BN5 Protoman in one cart. An iffy game at best, but entertaining nonetheless.
150px New Super Mario Bros. Platformer Mario is back, in rehash form! I kid, I kid. It's a good Mario title with a fuckton of minigames that are fun.
150px Metroid Prime Hunters: First Hunt FPS A demo cartridge of Metroid Prime Hunters.
My Weight Loss Coach Casual Basically that.
Bakugan Battle Brawlers Brawling? An ok game if any, not GOTY status, but considerably playable.
150px Poke'mon Heart Gold Version Nostalgia Best Poke'mon Gen in best remake ever.
150px Poke'mon Black Version RPG Nice Poke'mon game, the first poke'mon game in which I completed the Poke'dex.
150px Poke'mon Platinum Version RPG Giratina be flotan. Good game, better than Diamond.
150px Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective GHOST TROLLING A.K.A. Ghost Dick: Phantom Erection. You play as Sissel, dead guy. Help others avert their fate, hyper little doggies, and oh so much random shit.
Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary TEAMWURK ZERUDA FORE SWORDS. Free until late february, which is a fuckton of time ahead, surprisingly.

Game Boy Advanced/Game Boy Advanced SP (GBA/GBASP)Edit

F-14 Tomcat Flight Sim Good graphics for it's time, but very broing nonetheless.
Spyro: Season of Ice Platformer Spyro, now in 2D form.
150px Poke'mon Emerald Version RPG Great game full of great shit to do.

Game Boy Color (GBC)Edit

X-Men: Wolverine's Rage Hack n' Slash Great game, surprisingly, which had a lot of troll as enemies and shit that killed you, but still good, in my opinion.
Super Mario Brothers Deluxe Platforming It's Mario! But on your GBC this time! Very good remake of the classic with more shit like a calendar and stickers able to print out the via GBC Printer.
150px Donkey Kong Country Platforming Another good port of a classic nintendo game. Not as good as the SNES version in any department, but a true port if I ever saw one.
SpongeBob: Legend Of The Lost Spatula Platforming An actually ok game about SpongeBob doin' shit like SpongeBob can.
Galaga: Destination Earth SHMUP Yup, it's Galaga alright.

Game Boy (GB)Edit

150px Poke'mon Blue Version MOTHERFUCKING OG NIGGA Not THE best for me, which is G/S/C generation in my opinion. But still bro as fuck.
150px Poke'mon Silver Version AR PEE G Funny thing is that I actually got this game with my GBC . Its a GB game because it plays on GB and Super Game Boy, like Wario Land II or Link's Awakening DX.
150px Poke'mon Trading Crad Game Trade dem niggas Basically early pokemon trading card game on GB. Sequel came out in Japan. I don't have the card inside ;_;
150px Kirby's Dream Land KURBEE Why buy this on eshop? Kirby, that's why bro.
150px Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins MURRY-O Probably my favorite over the first one. Great everything they did on this outing before telling mario to go fuck off and have Wario come in. Getting this on e-shop soon because it's fun and shit.
150px Wario Land II WARIO TIEM! Look at that goddammned box art, just fuck look at Wario, he's pissed. Would you believer there's a holofoil version? Considered the best one alongside VB Wario Land, and I agree.
150px Game and Watch Gallery Corecction Good collection of old Game and Watch shit except copy pasta mario characters. The original vserions are playable as well. Also on e-shop. Also want to get. Goddammit why do I like paying for roms?!
150px Gargoyle's Quest DAT PLATFORMAN' Probably the oldest game I own. Which isn't saying a lot since it's circa 1989/1990. No rating or anything. Hard, but playable because it's Cpaocm. Yes, that is Firebrand from UMVC3 in this one.
150px Azure Dreams Monstars Why do I have every version of this game? It's ok, just it's a bitch to get working being how fucking old this is.
Batleship It's Battleship Battleship on GB. There's my fucking awnser.

Windows 7 Ultimate PC (PC)Edit

150px Halo Custom Edition FPS The good old Halo online and shit. Still has a bunch of servers active, but not the most played FPS of today, that would probably be TF2.
150px Urban Terror FPS A great mod on Quake 3 Arena. Wall Jumpan and knife throwan errwhere.
150px Warcraft III Reign of Chaos Strategy FUCK YEAR YOU ARE THE BEST WARCRAFT GAME EVA!
Warcraft III The Frozen Throne Strategy BEST WC EXPANSION EVA!
League Of Legends Startegy
150px Katawa Shoujou Fap Why...YES I KNOW...b-but...YES! know what it is ri-YES! Good game though, glad to see a nicely made freeware out there.
Sumitori Dreams Drunk Simulator
Ao Oni Mindfuck
Digimon Masters MMO
Kaiba Korp Virtual Duel System Card Games
150px Minecraft Autism, jk Sandbox Great game now with an ending included! It takes a lot of time and concentration in order to build and create the shit you love to do.
150px Sonic Robo Blast 2 3D Platformer

Freeware game that's ok altogether and has a good intention of mixing 2D Sonic with 3D Graphics. Has a decent Forum community with a lot of WAD's to customize the game with. WAD's are lsimilar to Doom Builder shit and whatnot or something.

150px Rockman 7 Famicom Version Classic Megaman Action Mega Man 7 in 8-Bit form. All I gotta say. Freeware to download.

Rockman 8 Famicom Version

Classic Megaman Action Just the same as above. The developers also made an 8-Bit version of FinalFantasyVII that I haven't gotten around to download yet, but I should.